About Our Samuel

My son Samuel Gillman passed away from a heroin/fetanyl overdose July 22, 2017. Samuel was a happy child that struggled with depression in his teen years. Despite going to therapy and getting treatment, Samuel turned to self medicating with drugs and eventually found heroin around 20 years old. He battled his heroin addiction for 4 years. Through his battle, he went to rehab four times, spent 5 months in a sober living facility, and tried Medically Assisted Treatment with Suboxone. 

Samuel once explained to me while I was visiting him at rehab that heroin was like a romance to him. He would feel euphoric in every stage of using, beginning with the purchase. I understood in that moment the strong hold this drug had on Samuel, and that the battle he had going on inside of him to stay sober was life or death. 


Our journey with rehab and getting Samuel treatment was different each time. We did it all, from paying out of pocket to utilizing insurance. We were blessed to have access to necessary funds to cover treatment, but so many families do not have immediate funds needed to help their loved ones when they say they are ready for treatment. This is why we are creating a scholarship fund for rehab and sober living. I know we can save lives, one person at a time. 

Katie Renfrow

Samuel's Mom